Comprehensive Family Services


Healthy children are ready to learn.

We understand that children’s health issues may prevent them from succeeding in school.

Under the direction of our Health and Nutrition Specialist, all enrolled children and their families are connected with a primary health care provider so that children receive regular physical and/or well-baby exams.

The Health and Nutrition Specialist tracks immunization records and provides referrals as needed. Each child receives regular growth assessments and hearing and vision screens, verbal lead screens and TB screens.

Children attending center-based care at Growing Futures brush their teeth daily on site. The Health and Nutrition Specialist works with the family to attain dental exams, including cleanings, and dental and fluoride treatments from local dentists.

Daily meal service is a vital part of  our program. Children who are hungry are not prepared to learn. Food modifications made on a daily basis accommodate children with special needs.  Parents can view and download our monthly menu of breakfast, lunch, and/or snack items for enrolled center-based children. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Children receive height and weight screenings quarterly.

Mental health is important, too.

Teachers and Family Educators observe children for mental health or behavioral concerns.

At time of program entry, every enrolled child receives a mental health assessment. The teaching staff, family support advocates and early intervention specialist work closely with parents to support children with mental health and behavioral concerns. Consultations, counseling for parents and children, and play therapy are provided as needed, with support from our community mental health partners. Parent training focused on mental wellness topics such as stress reduction, positive parenting and family dynamics are held throughout the year.

Disabilities are not a barrier to success.

Our Early Intervention Specialist works with the Shawnee Mission School District and Infant Toddler Services of Johnson County to identify children with disabilities through developmental screenings and coordinates services to those children.

The Early Intervention Specialist also provides support to families and teaching staff by conducting observations, facilitating referrals, attending Individualized Education Plan and Individualized Family Service Plan meetings, and assisting parents with advocating for the needs of their children.

Social Services help families in need.

Family Educators and Family Support Advocates assist families in evaluating their own strengths and needs. Each family sets a goal related to family self-sufficiency. If needed, the Family Educators and Family Support Advocates act as case managers, connecting families with community resources and support systems, and helping families plan for the future.