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Getting Ready To Apply...

If you have not applied for a program option at Growing Futures before, please do so now. If you have applied for a program option at Growing Futures before, please call us at 913-649-9714 and ask to speak to a family support advocate.


Following submission of your application, a family support advocate will contact you to complete your application and request the following documents. These documents are required to verify eligibility for the program and must be submitted before a participant can be considered for enrollment in the program.


  • Proof of Birth: Birth certificate or birth confirmation letter for each child applying (*if applying for pregnancy, proof of pregnancy will be requested) 

  • Proof of Residence: a utility bill (gas, water, electric, or wastewater - cable, internet, and bank statements cannot be accepted) or current lease agreement. 

  • Proof of Income:  current 1040(s), W-2(s), or check stub(s) with end of year Year-To-Date income information for all family members providing support for the family. 

    • Proof of child support received for 12 months if applicable.

    • Proof of SSI or TANF if you are currently receiving it or have received it within the past year.

    • Proof of SNAP (Food Stamps) Benefits

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