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Meet our Team

EHS Education Specialist

Latrice Williams

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Health & Nutrition Specialist 

Bryanna Contreras

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Our Board

The Advisory Board

Anne Blessing
Claire Ehney
David Francis
Elaine Mann
Gale Hansen
Gene Wilson
Jeanne Sosland

Jennifer Sawyer

Joseph Matovu

Jyoti Mukharji

Laura Scott

Leslie Whitaker

Lillian Hall

Sara McElhenny

Ann Kenny

Railroad Set
Drawing of Cat

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Drawing of Hedgehog

Grow with us! Experience the everyday excitement our children have while they learn and grow at school. Growing Futures is proud to provide a safe, encouraging environment for the children, families and staff. We also provide a comprehensive benefit package that includes medical, dental and vision insurance; short-term and long-term disability; life insurance; 403(b); and generous paid time off, including 

winter and spring breaks.

Watercolor Butterfly 5
Watercolor Butterfly 5


Girl on a Tricycle
Story Time
Dawn Rear High DJI_0824
Drawing of Cat


President- Sholabomi Popoola

Vice-President- Guadalupe Mullett

Secretary- Aubree Vetter

Treasurer- Katie Hunt & Megan Robertson


Community Representatives:

Susan Verlinde (DCF Liaison Representative)

Shannon Goebel (JOCO Library Representative)

Rachael Perez (JOCO Mental Health Representative)

Katie Schatte (SafeKids Representative)

Kelli Mather (El Centro Representative)

Sandra Reece (WIC Representative)


Maria Flores-Espinoza 
Cassie Harbert 
Aubree Vetter 
Juliana Liu 
Guadalupe Mullett 

Tri Nguyen 
Dulex Joseph 
Sholabomi Popoola 
Lidia Reyes Olvera 
Destiny Aguilar 
Meseret Chaka Jida 
Nancy Romero Vargas 
El-Hocine Hammi 
Farah Al-Dulaimi 

Miroslava Corral Vale 
Araceli Meya 
Stevche Mitanoski 
Julisa Aldana 
Katie Hunt 
Megan Robertson 
Marta Rosa 
Zahraa Alshaikhli 
Victoria Burgos Munoz 
Lya Caro 
Madison Todd 
Mary Marara 

Policy Council

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